Recreation staff training

As my previous blog entry explains, I have created this blog as part of an education technology course that I am currently enrolled at Plymouth State University.  Currently, I am managing the recreation programs at PSU.  I want to ask recreation professionals, educators, class colleagues and students the following questions:  How can we use wikis, blogs, podcasts and other technology tools to provide training and development to recreation and fitness staff members?   I look forward to provoke some intellectual exchange via this blog!

2 thoughts on “Recreation staff training

  1. Hello Jose, I have been floundering around trying to find my classmate’s blogs and I’ve finally made it here! Your site looks neat. Did you take the Flickr photos?

    I’m glad class was called d/t weather because my commute might have been quite risky, although I was looking forward to meeting tonight. I picked up the Richardson book and its very good. Well, I guess we’ll see you next year. Bill.

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