My favorites ( – Part 2

Recently I have included a training video for blood borne pathogens to be used on the web based Recreation assistant training.  Although the video is catered to the health industry there are many transferable skills.  I also included Think free since it was recommended by one of our classmates (Thanks Bill!).  Think free works similar to google doc, in which you can collaborate online and make changes to documents live without having to send them back and forth via email.   I also have Window Movie Maker 2, which is a great training video to learn how to use the movie maker software that comes with Microsoft Windows.  You can also find Ron Kaufman’s customer service video which I also hope to use for the online training.   The Swiss ball rolling exercise is a great video training for practicing kayaking rolls on land.  I am going to put this video on the PSU Recreation Blog soon.  Lastly, I have a Ski and Snowboard video workout that I am also going to move to the PSU Recreation blog soon.