Outward Bound Odyssey


The Odyssey is back!  A number of Outward Bound instructors are going to sail  the new Outward Bound sailboats from Florida to Maine this Spring, in an expedition traditionally called “The Odyssey”.  This expedition not only gives new instructors sea time and experience for obtaining their captain license, but also it is an opportunity for all instructors to share best practices, their bags of tricks and to be “outward bound” together.  Good luck and fair winds!

5 thoughts on “Outward Bound Odyssey

  1. Interesting that they are sailing and that is a good sport… you need to step into that sailing of Outward bound but in the intellectual one so you can finish that dissertation soon. Take care.

  2. Hi,

    We’re the reason Brain was delayed getting on the boat at Crazy Fish. We were busy chatting. Sorry we didn’t meet you and the others.

    Tell Brian that I left him a message at
    FaceNorth5@yahoo.com. Please ask I he got it and if not, should I write to him via this one?

    Smooth sailing to you all.

    Rhoda and Mike Boutin
    Jacksonville, FL.

  3. hola jose h. me alegro saber de ti nose si te acuerda de mi toto o cuando me pasaste por encima con la tabla en crash boats me alegro saber de ti fue tunti me dijo de ti cuidate mucho tu amigo toto

    • Hola Toto,

      Claro que me acuerdo de ti. La semana pasada estuve en Puerto Rico y Crash boat tenia una ola la cual no surfie. Me alegra saber que estas bien, exito!

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