Powerpoint vs. Hands-on-learning

In this episode of “The Office” you can see, in a funny way, the difference between a Powerpoint presentation and a hands-on-learning experience.  Comments?  What is the relationship between this “Office” episode fire safety training and the training we deliver in outdoor education? How about the WFR?

One thought on “Powerpoint vs. Hands-on-learning

  1. the use of power point can prove couter productive although like this video illustrates a simulation can also prove disasterous.
    With WFR training the participants are fully briefed on the simulation and are aware that the participants and actors and that the simulation is only practice for real world disasters and accidents.
    Just like any training whether it is team building or fire saftey the participants must be part of the planning process and be aware of the risks and experiences they might encounter.
    You would not take a group of under-prepared fire men to a high risk fire and say put it out. This task is not equal to their training level and level of prepardness.
    Just like having a under-trained and under-qualified leader within an organization is asked to perform tasks that are way beyond their skill level, also causes internal leadership, morale and production problems.
    With the use of power point it is only a tool much like a simulation and activity that taps into mulitple learning styles as well as presentation and information sessions. It is not a panacea for the training environment.

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