Future Role of Outdoor Educators – Dan Garvey – 2012 NOLS Faculty Summit

This is an inspirational presentation given by Dan Garvey to the NOLS faculty in 2012.  I briefly met Dan Garvey at a Thesis defense at UNH in 2001.  Although I do not know him, I know his work in experiential education. This presentation applies not only to NOLS instructors, but to all of us in the field of Experiential Education.  I agree with Dan’s statement that we need to operate outside our silos in order to have a stronger impact and to continue changing people’s lives through experiential education.  The last 6minutes of his presentation are very powerful.  This is coming from someone who has worked for 12 years for Outward Bound.  When you watch his presentation you’ll know what I am referring to.

Dan, thanks for challenging us to be better outdoor educators and to stay in this field!