TIOBEC Passages program

On April 18th of 2008 at 9:00 am I’ll be presenting or better yet deconstructing the TIOBEC Passages program curriculum.  This is going to be at the AEE Northeast Regional conference in Beckett, MA.  I’ll see you there!! 

Workshop description:

This workshop caters to individuals interested in learning about the Outward Bound curriculum designed for 13 year old boys in the “wilderness” setting.  Participants will start immersing in the deconstruction of the curriculum by examining the different concepts of curriculum according to McNeil (1996).  The concept of the humanistic curriculum is expanded and a link to the curriculum design (Tanner & Tanner, 1995) is created.  By participating in the “elements of the curriculum” initiative individuals are going to experience the main elements of the Outward Bound Passages curriculum; training, main, final.  A guided discussion enhanced by a presentation is followed.  Then, a silent gallery/slideshow with a worksheet for recording words or phrases that comes to mind while viewing this gallery closes the design element component of the workshop. Lastly, participants will create the Outward Bound Passages expedition using all the elements discussed in the presentation.  This last initiative is going to be done by participants interacting with each others and using some props provided by the facilitator.   Participants will walk away with the basic knowledge to design a humanistic curriculum in a wilderness setting.