A Cold Shower in the Morning!

Taking a cold shower in the morning is an unthinkable situation for many. Modern life has become addicted to certain luxuries (for some people) like pampering oneself at the spas, bathing in warm water, visiting beauty parlors, etc. that cold shower therapy has been almost forgotten. But all those who have tried bathing in cold water in the morning, enjoy amazing health benefits.

When I worked for Outward Bound we had our morning dip in the Maine ocean.  This morning protocol not only help us face the first challenge of the day, but also prepared us for the day ahead of us.  Now, that I do not spend time teaching sailing expeditions for Outward Bound anymore, my option is a morning cold shower.


Cold shower is a technique that has been used from ancient times to promote overall health. Here are some of the greatest advantages that anyone taking a cold shower especially in the morning can enjoy:

  1. Bathing in natural cold water springs and streams is highly effective in curing various diseases and is recognized as a form of hydrotherapy that is natural and cheap and easily accessible to all.
  2. If you can bear the cold water for a minimum of 10 minutes, you can boost your immune system and simultaneously flush out toxins from the skin and body.
  3. A cold shower improves blood circulation and helps in the growth and repair of the circulatory system of the body.
  4. When you bathe in hot water, the pores of the skin are exposed to the harmful elements like chlorine and others from the soap, etc. present in water. A cold shower keeps the pores closed and thus protected from the environmental damages. The skin retains its quality and luster.
  5. It helps to maintain balance in the automatic nervous system. Acting as an anti-depressant, a cold shower enhances mood and reduces stress and anxiety as the nerves become calm after the cold shower.
  6. It has been found that a cold shower in the morning increases fertility strength in men. It is considered as one of the most important anti-aging secrets that keeps the skin from sagging and retains the elasticity and glow of youthful skin.
  7. Standing under the cold shower especially on winter mornings requires great courage and once you can overcome your fears in the process, you gradually increase your will power and have courage to face all problems with confidence.
  8. The ability to fight against and bear with all kinds of temperature and climatic conditions increases and it helps to get rid of negative forces as well as emotions that often cause hindrances to success.

Give it a try and if you can take a cold shower one day, you will surely succeed in doing it every day and enjoy all the health benefits for life.

TIOBEC-Sailing staff expedition

We just finished another excellent training for Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center.  In this training we practice skills and shared knowledge among peers.  A big focus of this training was the seamanship skills of the curriculum without sacrificing the three main components of the Outward Bound expedition (training, main and final) and or the beacons.  Below you can see a video that illustrates our expedition theme “work hard and play harder”  Enjoy!

TIOBEC Passages program

On April 18th of 2008 at 9:00 am I’ll be presenting or better yet deconstructing the TIOBEC Passages program curriculum.  This is going to be at the AEE Northeast Regional conference in Beckett, MA.  I’ll see you there!! 

Workshop description:

This workshop caters to individuals interested in learning about the Outward Bound curriculum designed for 13 year old boys in the “wilderness” setting.  Participants will start immersing in the deconstruction of the curriculum by examining the different concepts of curriculum according to McNeil (1996).  The concept of the humanistic curriculum is expanded and a link to the curriculum design (Tanner & Tanner, 1995) is created.  By participating in the “elements of the curriculum” initiative individuals are going to experience the main elements of the Outward Bound Passages curriculum; training, main, final.  A guided discussion enhanced by a presentation is followed.  Then, a silent gallery/slideshow with a worksheet for recording words or phrases that comes to mind while viewing this gallery closes the design element component of the workshop. Lastly, participants will create the Outward Bound Passages expedition using all the elements discussed in the presentation.  This last initiative is going to be done by participants interacting with each others and using some props provided by the facilitator.   Participants will walk away with the basic knowledge to design a humanistic curriculum in a wilderness setting.